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Around the same time, other variations like the concept of ‘Yin Yang’ developed in China while Unani saw its beginning Renters V 2.0 in Greece. These ages old systems, based on herbs and diet, offer a powerfully effective and gentle way to heal, with the least danger of side effects. The fallout of this has been an increased interest in a holistic approach to health a return to nature.

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Panchakarma is a very unique Ayurvedic treatment, requiring proper guidance by a highly trained and skillful Ayurvedic practitioner. Panchakarma is a very special Ayurveda treatment requiring proper guidance from a highly trained Taskific V 2.0 and skillful Ayurveda practitioner. The panchakarma are vamana, virechana, snehavasti, kashayavasti and nasya.

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Meditation has been studied and proven to provide numerous benefits including both physical and mental. Unfortunately few of us can spare 6 to 8 hours a day for the next 20 to 25 years to enjoy these benefits.
Most of the problems we experience today are created while in our beta or thinking brainwave states. To find solutions to these problems we need to step out of beta and access the deeper alpha and theta brainwaves.
Fortunately, research has provided us with technology to quickly enter into Zen like states and enjoy the same mental and physical benefits associated with long term traditional meditation practices.

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Meditation is one of the best things you can do to bring a little relief to your mind, your spirit and even your physical longlewis vw body. It is a practice which has been with us for thousands of years; the ancient civilization of India was one society well aware of the benefits provided by meditation. We in the West have come to an understanding of meditation as a tool for achieving better mental and spiritual health only recently. On of the most effective and simple methods of meditation (and for precisely this reason, the most popular) is Chakra meditation.

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When balance is brought about, absolutely everything works at its best. The environments, our diet, our bodies, power, government, the universe, the tides, the weather, the water cycle, and all other circles within our existence need to be at equilibrium to fully function. A well balanced body begins with a well balanced diet, a well balanced environment, and understanding the need to balance the seven chakras with each other.


Meditation is a spiritual experience. It is simply an easy method for relaxing the body and calming the mind and which anyone can learn and enjoy. Meditation is a very soothing way to cope with the anxieties and stresses of every day life. The desired purpose of each meditation is to channel our awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one’s state of mind.